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2nd Annual Living Behind the Mask Gala

SWV’s LeLee Lyons, Reece Odum, Violinist Ken Ford and more attends Rhonda A. Thompson’s 2nd Annual Living Behind the Mask Gala at Atlanta City Hall

Atlanta, GA Oct 23, 2016- In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Rose of Sharon for Transitional Living hosted it’s 2nd annual Living Behind the Mask Gala (LBTM Gala). All survivors and overcomers of Domestic Violence were honored for becoming extraordinary leaders despite their past circumstances. The LBTM took place Saturday night at The Atlanta City Hall.

The Living Behind the Mask Gala

The LBTM Gala honored seven women from various fields who support the prevention of domestic violence. The honorees received special recognition awards for individual achievements. This year honorees were Tamiko Lowry Pugh of The Still Standing Foundation, Kimya Motley of Have of Light International, INC., Melissa Holmes of Love Shouldn’t Hurt NY, Erika Lee of P.U.R.S.E. Foundation, Ardre Orie of Pink Wish Foundation, Aaralyn Swinger Rawls of S.A.V.E.D Domestic Violence Program, Pastor Sabrina McKenzie of The Dancing Preachers Intl., and a host of brand ambassadors and special guests; such as, Dr. Yamma Brown (James Brown daughter), The King of Violin Ken Ford, Actress Reece Odum, Gospel Artist Marica Chisolm, Lelee Lyons of SWV and more. The night was also filled with live entertainment and fashion.

The purpose of “Living Behind the Mask” is to serve as a fundraiser which will aid women and children involved in cases of domestic violence by offering emergency shelter. Rose of Sharon’s vision is to teach women and children to become healthy, balanced, educated, and poised while living in a society free of drugs, alcohol and violence…. Full Press Release attached. Click Here for Photo Recap!

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Photo Credits: Marcus Ingram

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